Dean Krauskopf's Gardening Show on WJR Detroit's News Talk 760
4:00 pm every Saturday through the summer 2007

Dr. Dean Krauskopf
Dr. Dean Krauskopf

WJR 760 in Detroit Michigan Gardening Show is helpful for not only green thumbs, but for those of us who are all thumbs!

Horticulturist Dr. Dean Krauskopf hosts a one-hour show filled with helpful information on lawn care, tree problems, gardens, crops, pests and anything else that gardeners feel they need to know.

Dean has been WJR's "Garden Expert" for more than eight years and his credentials are highly respected by the gardening community. And, it's no wonder! He has been a staff member of Michigan State University for over 25 years, teaching in the Horticulture Department, and is the Integrated Crop Management Agent - Southeast Michigan for the MSU Extension Service.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall... Dean is WJR's man-of-all-seasons when it comes to answering your gardening questions!

Join Dean Saturday from 4-5 pm.  Get your lawn and gardening questions answered. Call Dean at 1-800-859-0WJR.  This Saturday Dean welcomes Dr. Leah Bauer, with Michigan State's Department of Entomology to talk about her research into a parasitic wasp that is battling the Emerald Ash Borer epidemic in Michigan.


Don't miss event:  The Michigan School of Gardening presents their second series of Expert Perspective garden walks on Sat, June 16th at 10:30 am join Pam Palechek for a "Back to Basics" walk at the Detroit Zoo.  For information and registration:


Lots of tree sales going on:

Global ReLeaf, 800/642-7353
Greening of Detroit 313/237-8733, 9-5 weekdays
Macomb Conservation District 586/727-2666,
Oakland Conservation Districe 248/673-4496, 10-4 Tues-Fri
Wayne Conservatio District,, 734/727-7248


Iíve Bought Plants For My Yard, But Itís Too Wet To Plant. What Can I Do?
Bedding plants and perennials need sun to remain healthy, but can dry out quickly, so the best place to hold them for a short time (a week or so) is in medium shade, out of the wind. To tell if your plants need to be watered, pick them up; if they feel light water them thoroughly. Plants are usually well fertilized before sale so you wonít have to fertilize for a week or until you water the plants at least five times. If you decide to fertilize, apply a soluble house plant fertilizer according to the directions on the container.

If youíre going to hold your plants in the garage, park your vehicles outside. Exhaust fumes can cause the flowers to fall off and/or your plants turn yellow. Remember to put your plants in the sun for an hour or two each day if your garage is on the dark side.

If your plants turn pale yellow, planting them directly into full sun can cause sun burn; leaf edges or the entire leaf may turn brown or even fall off, which will slow the plant becoming established. To help yellow plants green back up, put them in a sunny spot with one layer of newspaper over the top for at least a day before or after planting, whichever is easiest.